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Children Are Special

At SurgeCenter of Louisville, we work hard to meet the special needs of children and create a relaxed, comfortable environment.  We encourage parents to discuss the surgery beforehand to help alleviate stress.

Prior to the day of surgery, we encourage a visit and tour of the facility.  Tour times are best in the late afternoon before 4:00 p.m.  Please call in advance to coordinate

Parents/guardians are able to stay with their child until surgery.  Parents/guardians are able to rejoin their child as soon as they have safely awakened from the anesthesia.  Expect 30 minutes to two hours for recovery, depending on the type of surgery.

Upon discharge from the facility, we recommend that one adult drives while the other cares for the child.

Please bring the following to the surgery center for your child:

  • Favorite toy or blanket
  • Bottle/sippy cup
  • Diaper and change of clothing

Fluid/food instructions before surgery:

Under 18 months of age:

  • Breast milk up to four hours before arrival time
  • Six ounces of clear liquids up to two hours before arrival time
  • Six ounces of formula or nonhuman milk up to six hours before arrival time

Over 18 months of age:

  • Six ounces clear lilquids up to four hours before arrival time

**Clear liquids include water, jello, apple juice, soft drinks and koolaid.  No milk or orange juice**